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We’re back to fuel your e-commerce success with the next chapter from our guide to navigating the 2024 e-commerce Events Calendar!

Ever wondered about the best times to sell online? 🥁 Join us as we explore the top e-commerce events from Q3 and Q4 and learn how to make the most of them. Let’s keep this journey going! 💪



International Children’s Day, June 1

Target audience: especially parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts. But also the rest of the world. after all, we were all children once

International Children’s Day is all about protecting children’s rights and fighting child labor. To show your support on this day, create a social media campaign and offer discounts for kid’s related items: toys, books, apparel

E-commerce dates and holidays in Q3

By this time, summer is in full swing and so are the joys that come with it–outdoor activities, traveling, sightseeing, you name it. By mid-summer, however, people are slowly preparing for the back-to-school season. If you sell back-to-school and, why not, back-to-office products, start working on your campaigns early.


In July, we keep going with seasonal promotions because summer is in full swing. We can take advantage of an event that is usually celebrated on 25th July and is getting more and more popular as the years go by!

Christmas in July, July 25

Target audience: every shopper who wants to add something to their summer collection

Retailers often join the Christmas in July festivities by offering special promotions and sales. Whether it’s discounted seasonal merchandise, limited-time offers, or exclusive summer-themed products, businesses find creative ways to engage customers during this merry mid-year celebration.


1. Book Lovers Day, August 9

Target audience: book lovers

Celebrate the joy of reading and literature today! Embrace the opportunity to set aside your smart devices and immerse yourself in a good book. Even if your store doesn’t specialize in book-related products, take advantage of this occasion to share your current literary interests or engage with your audience by asking about their favorite books.

2. World Photography Day, August 19

Target audience: photographers, art lovers

This day is about celebrating photography and all the talented photographers around the world. It’s a good day for promoting wall art and encouraging your talented customers to share their art on social media.

Instead of communicating with your customers through offers and promos, on this day, let them take the stage. Engage your customers through interactive sessions, asking insightful questions about their preferences, needs, and experiences with your brand. 

Create open lines of communication where customers feel valued and heard, encouraging them to share photos 

It’s time to prepare your business strategy for Q4 because the next months are full of events and opportunities to spike in sales.


E-commerce dates and holidays in Q4

Perhaps the most awaited quarter of the year has arrived. Many e-commerce businesses have a substantial increase in sales during the fourth quarter, because of some pf the most important campaigns of the year. While preparing for Black Friday, keep in mind that there are various other autumn spending events worth considering.



1. Back to school

Target audience: students, teachers, parents

The back-to-school season is filled with exciting reunions and anticipation for the school year. Treat the students, parents, and teachers among your audience with a greeting or a special back-to-school promo.

But back-to-school also means back-to-office. Holidays season is almost over, your customers are returning to work so, don’t miss this opportunity to engage with them.

2. World Tourism Day, September 27

Target audience: traveling enthusiasts

The United Nations created this holiday more than 40 years ago to celebrate the joys of traveling. Engage with your customers by asking them to share their favorite travel destinations and stories, or promote products for traveling.

!!! Bare in mind that Black Friday it’s just around the corner and the meetings for event strategy must start in order to have time to prepare everything on time: strategy, budget, timelines. And don’t forget about your website. The last thing you want is to not have a functional website on the big day.



1. Boss’s Day, October 16

Target audience: anyone who’s ever had a boss

Celebrated on October 16, Boss’s Day is meant to strengthen the bond between employers and employees.

Although it is not a very important sales event, you can take the opportunity to interact with your audience and give them a benefit for a day. Communicated in a funny way, surely the audience will find themselves in your messages.

2. Halloween, October 31

Target audience: people in the Western world

Who doesn’t love another opportunity to buy something on sale? From spooky visuals, to discounts and seasonal messages, Halloween is one of the events of the year that you cannot escape.

By the way! How’s that Black Friday strategy going? Time’s ticking! 


1. Singles’ Day, November 11

Target audience: single or…not so single customers

If we have Valentine’s Day, then we must have Singles’ Day. 

Singles’ Day, or Double 11, started as a student tradition in China in the mid-1990s. On this day, single friends would spend time together eating, going to movies, and shopping.

However, November 11 took an unexpected and commercial turn in 2009 when one of the biggest ecommerce companies, Alibaba, decided to run its first Singles’ Day sale. Fast forward to today, for some businesses, Singles’ Day is one of the campaigns that generates the most revenue of the year.

2. Black Friday Romania, November & official Black Friday, November 29

When will Black Friday be in Romania? Well, we all know who decides the date. 😅

Target audience: everyone! (that is interested in what you’re selling, of course)

As a business, you know that Black Friday is not an event you afford to miss. This is what you prepared for this whole year. 

Aaaand if you thought it was over and you can take a breather, we’re sorry to tell you that it’s not over. With Christmas coming and vacation days just around the corner, it’s time to prepare not only for the end of the year but also for January. 

Yes Yes. You read it correctly.


1. Cyber Monday, December 2

Target audience: bargain hunters, holiday shoppers

The Monday after Black Friday, known as Cyber Monday, is a sales event that, in recent years, has started to be more and more popular among businesses. Some of them offer even bigger discounts than on Black Friday.

2. National Free Shipping Day, December 14

Target audience: holiday gift shoppers

Has it ever happened to you to add a product in the cart so that you don’t have to pay for the shipping? Most likely yes! 😁

Free Shipping Day is a one-day online mega-sale event established in 2008 in an effort to extend the online shopping season. 

Check your budget and maybe include this event in your strategy. It is a great opportunity to increase sales before the holidays

3. Christmas Eve and Day, December 24–25

Target audience: everyone

Run campaigns across all your online and offline channels, send periodic and personalized (!) newsletters with gift ideas for your customers.

Start the mont with an online advent calendar to stimulate interest and create a sense of anticipation among customers. Each day may bring a special offer, product spotlight or unique discount. This will keep them connected and curious every day.

4. New Year’s Eve, December 31

Target audience: everyone

‘Tis the time for reflection, for social gatherings, for fireworks. And, why not, for one last special promotion. Engage with your audience, ask them questions, send New Year’s wishes.

Take a break, relax, and…prepare for the next campaign.😁

E-commerce dates and holidays in Q1

The first quarter of the year is about reconnecting with the customers who discovered your store during the 2023 holiday shopping season. This is the time to build relationships with your customers and encourage loyalty.



1. New Year’s Day, January 1

Target audience: Existing customers, but don’t forget those potential customers who have listed resolutions that include exactly what you sell

New Year’s Day is more than hanging a new calendar on a wall; it is like a new beginning for most people.

Depending on the specifics of your business, you can reach your audience with messages centered around New Year resolutions. This approach can be particularly effective for fitness and weight loss centers, psychological offices, as well as businesses in sports apparel, equipment, home redecoration, and travel, among others. 

All you need is creativity to help you link campaigns to the products and services offered.

Timely flash sales or a resolution-related contest could add some zest to your campaign. Bucket lists, and 30-day challenges are also good ideas to engage with your customers.

2. Blue Monday, January 15

Target audience: anyone who has the blues

Did you know that the third Monday in January is known as the most depressing day of the year. And what better way to cheer yourself up than some retail therapy?

You can try on this day to activate awareness campaigns, flash sales, or anything that could bring a pleasant feeling to the buyer, such as a cute and funny newsletter, a social media post, or pop ups on site.

3. National Compliment Day, January 24

Target audience: customers and newsletter subscribers

There’s no better day to share love than on National Compliment Day! Begin this celebration of kindness by expressing gratitude to your fantastic customers. Consider presenting them with incentives as a token of appreciation for their continued support.

You can use messages like: 

  • Thank you for being here with us!
  • We are grateful for your loyalty!
  • You are one of a kind, and appreciate your trust in us and our products/services!
4. National Spouse’s Day, January 26

Target audience: couples

If your business has products or services that can be suitable for a gift ( clothes, perfumes, jewelry, beauty and well being centers, travel, or restaurants for a fancy dinner/drink), here is another opportunity for sales.

Besides Valentine’s Day, National Spouse’s Day is the only other public holiday that reminds couples to appreciate one another by giving them flowers, gifts, and their time. Remind your customers to surprise their loved ones on this special day, and promote your products and services as gifts for the occasion.


1. Valentine’s Day, February 14 & Dragobete, February 24

Target audience: well, everyone, because we should not forget that we can nurture love for anything and anyone, including ourselves, animals, nature, and family.

What can be more romantic, and “finances-friendly”🤫 than 2 days in which we celebrate love? And us Romanians, we know how to do this very well! 😀

Valentine’s Day marks a celebration of love and romance. While traditional gifts often lean towards the romantic, you have the opportunity to inspire your audience to also cherish friendships and other significant relationships.

When planning your Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns this year, consider stepping outside conventional approaches. Rather than simply providing a discount code, contemplate crafting a Valentine’s Advent calendar. Transform it into a 14-day marketing campaign that embraces and celebrates various forms of love.

2. Love Your Pet Day, February 20

Target audience: pet owners and pet lovers

Every day is a good day to love your pet, but there are a few days in the year when we officially celebrate our love for them, and Love Your Pet Day is one of them. Think of it as a kind of Valentine’s Day.

Create a lively and engaging social media campaign, for example, a photo contest, inviting pet owners to showcase the best photos of their furry friends. Consider rewarding winners with exclusive discounts, freebies, or even featuring their pets in your communication. This way, you not only boost customer interaction but also foster a delightful and memorable atmosphere around your brand, particularly with pet lovers.

Which holidays are you adding to your marketing calendar? 

Using holidays or significant events presents an opportunity to increase brand visibility and boost sales, so make the most of it. And don’t forget to prepare in advance. 

Once your holiday marketing calendar is filled, commence devising a strategic plan for the relevant holidays and dates associated with your brand. The timing, a touch of creativity, and personalization significantly contribute to create connections with your customers. 

Did we miss anything? 

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