We think digital environment is like a kitchen, a puzzle with plenty of ingredients and many recipes. Mixing them right, we can prepare a masterpiece.
In our "kitchen" we skilfully combine know-how for ecommerce, digital marketing, content services, launching new products and services, end to end responsibility for digital businesses, all of them served plain or mixed.
The secret of a great cuisine, other than the quality ingredients, is the experience of the chef in mixing known recipes and inventing new ones for a customised taste.
However, when you cook following a recipe, you might get it decent, but not great, if you don’t have the time or the skills to do it right.

There we step in. Let's see!





Several years spent in digital industry and also in the consultancy environment either working as a consultant or benefiting from consulting services while working on various projects in matured companies made me realise the importance of an outside, knowledgeable view on the company, processes, people or just simply for a new product launch or market entrance. That's why our aim is to do not only consultancy, but also the end to end implementation, working as a plug in plug out team from your company. May be harder and much more time consuming to work on an E2E approach but the outcome and seeing the result is way much rewarding.


How many times have you decided to launch a new product within the company but the core team doesn't have the skills to operate them? → what about an Internal Startup program

How many times an idea or the product got lost inside the organization because of lack of ownership or very well established processes? → maybe you can think of Intrapreneurship programs, spin offs, innovation units

How many times your marketing department didn't know how to approach "a new product" → maybe you can think of a right mix in term of marketing strategy (performance, awareness campaigns, social media & SEO)

How many times has your team weren't involved too much in the day to day business and was quite hard to think and act outside the box? → Have you thought about innovation workshops, design sprints, customer journeys, coaching sessions

What roles do you need in your growing team? How to handle so many people and not losing focus? → plan your future organization

You got your early adopters, yes, they love your product, but how to move towards main-stream and how to adjust your marketing strategy in order to achieve that? → get the right marketing mix according to your budget and learn how to get the best out of it by setting up the right analytics

How to optimize the acquisition-cost and increase your customer lifetime value? -> omnichanel, email support or phone support, retargeting, email marketing? We can put all of these together in a meaningful way

Have you ever felt that you have too much technical knowledge and you miss the product expansion/ business development and you don't know how to tackle? Does your startup has a CEO and a CTO?  → maybe you actually miss the COO! Let's see!


Digital Transformation

There is no question that digital has completely redefined the customer expectation. In some cases it has redefined whole industries This approach is based on four steps approach: exploration phase, strategy phase, implementation phase, refinement phase

Business Processes & Operations

Assess the impact which a digital organization will have on your usual business processes, redesign these processes through process mapping, analysis and improvement, partner selection

Digital Marketing

Digitization of business is changing the way brands attract leads, engage prospects, create conversions and compete with each other. Drive traffic, build engagement, score meaningful conversions and cultivate long-term relationships with smart, cost-effective, integrated campaigns that focus on relevant targets

Content Services

Whether it’s sales, sign-ups, donations, registrations, downloads or simply eyeballs you seek, a powerful content strategy is vital.

Coaching & Change management

Digital transformation requires new skill within the team; what are the new roles which you need, where to find and how to select people which can play these new roles: team selection, coaching

EU funds application for startups

Helping startups getting access to one of the biggest funding opportunity in EU, EIC accelerator powered by European Commission. Business Plan & Business Case Building Proposals, Pitch Deck Presentation, Project Management, E2E implementation for project submission



With more than 10 years working in digital environment launching several e-businesses from scratch, with a background in law, followed by studies in marketing and an MBA from Sheffield University UK, I decided to do my own digital kitchen where, together with other professionals who share the same passions and values, we will “cook” E2E digital projects.

I like action, I love to see the results of my work, I do many things at once, I truly love being surrounded by people and I am sure that the energy and the way of doing great things is happening only in a team.

The people and the partners I bring with me in this project are carefully selected and are only the ones that are sharing the same values with me: the creative ones, the bold ones and the ones who believes that the hard work pays off, that the word kept means a world and the respected deadline values more than a huge pay check.

I am passionate about architecture and travels and cooking and DIY projects and, and, and many others and I would never say no to a good book on paper and a cup of espresso 🙂

Alina Cazacu, Founder & Digital Enabler @DigitalKitchen


e-businesses launched from the scratch


or more marketing campaigns


years of digital experience


coffees or more




We understand what are your needs, we asses - all these will be basic consulting services and we can do also the implementation for you.
Either it's a new digital product to be launched, either it's scouting for new ideas and market research, either you need to define a team or a set of processes, we are there working side by side.


Strategy is a series of choices. Choosing which activities to do, not do, or do very differently, is the key to success. Often, recognizing such activities isn’t so clear. We are that outside voice that you need, brought in at the right time, to help bring clarity, focus and direction.


We cut through assumptions and biases with objective research, thoughtful analysis and productive collaborations. We come to really know your organization, your customers, their jobs to be done and then map out an informed path forward.


We help you sift through the BS web design hype and fads to determine the right vendors, resources, tools and platforms that best meet your needs – and won’t blow your budget.


Finding the right answers requires knowing the right questions: That’s what we do best. And they’re pretty simple, really: What do you want to accomplish? Why are you the best to do it? How will you know it’s working?


We believe

It's all about the customer

Don’t be wasteful

Do more than what’s expected

Inspire the people around you

We think we are

Experts at reducing ambiguity

Cut through assumptions and biases

Insights that bring clarity and focus

Objective and research driven

We deliver

On client expectations and than some

Hand-picked teams

Practical solutions

Exceptional client and customer experiences

We always count on



Tell us where you want to go and we'll help you get there.