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Romania’s eCommerce Landscape

The evolution of e-commerce in Romania has followed a dynamic trajectory closely tied to technological advancements, changing consumer behaviors, and improvements in online infrastructure. Over the years, Romania has witnessed significant growth in the e-commerce sector, which has gradually become an important part of the country’s retail landscape.

Although the concept of e-commerce gained traction in Romania during the early 2000s, with a few pioneering online stores setting up shop, the sector faced challenges such as limited internet penetration, consumer skepticism about online transactions, and a lack of solutions for both clients and businesses. These factors initially slowed the widespread adoption of e-commerce.

In the mid-2010s, a distinct evolution in consumer behavior unfolded, painting a new narrative for e-commerce in Romania. A wave of change swept across the nation as more and more Romanians warmly embraced the realm of online shopping. Within this shifting paradigm, the allure of shopping from the comfort of home, coupled with access to an expansive array of products and the compelling draw of competitive pricing, became the propelling forces that reshaped the e-commerce landscape.

Following the acceleration of eCommerce growth in Romania and the growing number of clients and competition, businesses have now started to face new challenges, both from a logistical point of view and in terms of the ways to reach clients and potential clients. Thus, they began to look for and invest in solutions that met their needs.

And where there is demand, there is also supply because, over time, more and more solutions have appeared on the market to support the needs of businesses. And we are proud to say that some of them are 100% of Romanian origin.

These platforms, tailored to businesses of varying sizes, have established a significant presence in Romania. Their offerings encompass an array of features, including:

  • Innovations in delivery methodologies, such as same-day delivery and convenient pickup points,
  • Enhanced shopping experiences and safeguarding customer data
  • Diverse payment methods and ensuring secure online transactions
  • Presenting responsive, mobile-friendly websites alongside dedicated mobile applications, offering consumers a seamless shopping experience across various devices.
  • Online operations management
  • Marketing tools, and many others

10 100% Romanian solutions suitable for any eCommerce

Here are some 100% Romanian e-commerce solutions that are used by both smaller businesses and giants in the e-commerce market:

Founded under the name 2Parale in 2008, 2Performant is the first affiliate network in Romania. Currently a market leader in affiliate marketing, the platform helps e-commerce businesses manage their affiliate marketing campaigns and partnerships.

Services: affiliate marketing and influencer marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where individuals or businesses earn commissions by promoting the products or services of others. Affiliates drive traffic or sales through referral links, and when a purchase is made, they receive a percentage of the revenue. In other words, affiliate marketing is a great way to generate additional income.

2Performant in numbers:

🚀 500+ programs
🚀 600+ million clicks sent to advertisers
🚀 10+ million sales came through affiliate marketing
🚀 450+ million EUR were cashed by advertisers through affiliate marketing

2. easySales    | 

Founded in 2017, the company offers automation solutions for any type of business. Through EasySales, traders can connect quickly, without technical knowledge, to eCommerce platforms, automating essential activities such as: listing products on marketplaces, mass processing of orders, synchronization of stocks in real time, translation of product documentation, and centralized sales reporting.

They explore solutions to streamline the activity of companies that aim to go in the right direction: 80% automation and 20% manual involvement. 

The company’s services include:

Technical Support
Development Services

easySales in numbers:

🚀 650+ active customers
🚀 10+ million products listed
🚀 The total value of orders processed – 640+ million EUR
🚀 4+ million automatically generated invoices

Established in November 2006, initially as a web agency, Extended had from the beginning the goal of building its own solutions that would support companies in Romania to grow and consolidate their online businesses.

Extended in numbers:

🚀 16+ years of experience in online and eCommerce
🚀 200+ stores launched
🚀 400+ functionalities
🚀 100+ integrations in the ecosystem

Established in 1998, FAN Courier, a courier and logistics company that specializes in fast and reliable delivery services, quickly became the market leader. Today, FAN Courier is one of the best known courier companies in Romania, with over 30 million annual shipments.


Domestic delivery: Standard, FANbox, Red Code, Express Loco, Collect Point through OMV and Petrom networks, White goods, Collect Point through the PayPoint network
International delivery: by road or by air
Freight transport
Special services
E-commerce solution – module for API integrations of courier services for eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento or WooCommerce.

FAN Courier in numbers:

🚀 122.000+ km and 181 routes covered by FAN Courier cars, every night
🚀 250.000+ packages delivered, every day
🚀 100% national coverage, with 140 branches throughout the country
🚀 More than 20 awards

5. Innoship   | 

Innoship is a logistics and shipping platform that provides businesses with tools to manage their shipping and delivery operations. With offices in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Romania, offering their services to over 250 top retailers and +300k SMEs as part of the Alsendo group, the platform offers order management, carrier selection, label printing, and tracking updates.


Retailers are using the Innoship platform to optimize the cost of shipping and improve the interaction with final customers during the delivery process through a simplified tracking page and branded communication.

Innoship in numbers:

🚀 Access to more than 50 courier services in Romania and around the world
🚀 15+ eCommerce platform integrations
🚀 15+ Fulfillment and Tech integrations

6. Netopia   | 

The NETOPIA company was founded in 2003 out of the desire to integrate technology in the field of online and offline payments in order to build a payment system capable of meeting the needs of growing businesses.


Payment processing: by credit or debit card or by SMS
mobilPay Wallet: a dedicated app for mobile payments that turns any smartphone into a digital wallet.
mobilPOS: by downloading the app from Google Play, businesses can easily accept mobile payments.
Google Pay
Link2Pay: offers customers the opportunity to pay through a link generated on the platform

7. Newsman   | 

Although it started as a quick and business solution for sending newsletters, in time it evolved into a feasible solution for other businesses as well.


An email marketing and automation platform that enables businesses and organizations to create, send, and track email campaigns.

Its benefits?

You can create awesome newsletters with professionally designed templates and the drag & drop newsletter editor.
You can create email marketing automations that are triggered directly by the behavior of the subscribers.
It offers optimal pricing for your business’s growth.

Newsman in numbers:

🚀 15+ platform integrations
🚀 900+ responsive email templates

8. Sameday   | 

Present on the courier market for over 16 years, Sameday ensures a fast and safe courier, with delivery to the recipient depending on the urgency of the orders.


Next Day: Fast courier with next day delivery
Same Day: Same-day delivery in one of the predefined time slots
EasyBox, the self-service service that reinvents the last-mile delivery experience and answers the everyday problems of e-commerce.

Sameday in numbers:

🚀 90% of shipments delivered as promised
🚀 Access to 13.000+ locations without additional Km
🚀 3+ million shipments delivered in easybox
🚀 3800+ lockers installed in Romania
🚀 Every month, 40.000+ shipments are delivered SAME DAY.
🚀 2+ million shipments delivered NEXT DAY, monthly

SEOmonitor is a platform that empowers SEO agencies to plan and track keyword performance with high accuracy, connect organic keywords with conversions and sessions, forecast SEO with high precision and algorithm transparency, and research keywords and websites with no restrictions on data.


Rank Tracker
SEO Forecast
SEO Research
Organic Traffic
Agency Dashboard

With over 16 years of experience, SmartBill is one of the most popular invoicing and management programs. This solution helps businesses save time when it comes to invoicing, stock management, and accounting.


Invoicing Program integrated with e-Invoice
Stock management program
SmartBill PointOfSale
SmartBill Conta
SmartBill ManagerConta

SmartBill in numbers:

🚀 80.000+ clients
🚀 5+ million monthly invoices
🚀 23+ billion EUR invoiced monthly

In conclusion, the evolution of e-commerce in Romania showcases a progression from early challenges to a vibrant and rapidly growing sector. The combination of improved infrastructure, changing consumer preferences, and the efforts of key players contributed to the establishment of e-commerce as a significant component of Romania’s retail landscape.

Apart from the expansion of the market, there has been a discernible shift in consumer behavior concerning aspects like time, preferences, and requirements in recent years. As individuals no longer possess the same level of patience for extensive searches and have grown increasingly mindful of their time, enterprises are compelled to seek out solutions that offer optimal efficiency for both themselves and their customers or potential clients.

Thereby, the Romanian e-commerce landscape epitomizes growth, adaptability, and a dynamic response to the evolving preferences of consumers. The journey forward holds the promise of opportunities for continued innovation, bridging the gap between technological advancements and consumer expectations.

And because the list is long and surely we didn’t include all the solutions here, stay tuned! We will continue the list in a new article. 

Did we miss someone? Let us know! 😁