Top 7 email marketing tools


How to choose an email service provider

No matter what size of business you are running, before choosing the right email service provider (ESP), you should learn more about the main features offered by various providers.

Here are some questions we use with our clients to help narrow down their options:
  • What’s your email marketing budget? If it’s very limited, then free or cheap email marketing services should be your starting point.
  • Provided you already have a list of opt-in contacts, how many are there at this point? How many more do you want to reach within, let’s say, the next year? You’ll want to know how much will the chosen ESP cost if the list grows so you can stay cost-efficient.  
  • What kind of emails do you plan to send, and how often? You need to have an idea of your required email volume (just how many emails will be sent/month). 
  • What’s your skill level when it comes to designing emails? If you’re a complete beginner, you’ll want a drag-and-drop email editor or email templates. If you’re on the advanced side and have the resources to code emails from scratch, then a HTML editor is the answer. 
  • Are you ready to experience automated email workflows? Then you need to make sure the email service provider has automation functions; some only offer basic autoresponders. 
  • Is there the case for dealing with a wide array of buyer personas? If so,  the ESP should bear contact list segmentation capabilities.
  • Will your business be sending transactional emails? These, in particular, are not considered email marketing so you’ll need a separate service or a service that does both. 


The purpose of email marketing is to build relationships and grow your business. That’s why we advise you to imagine where your business will be in a year or two and make sure your provider can scale with you and your needs. 

TOP 7 Email Marketing Tools Driving E-Commerce Sales for 2022 in Romania

Talking about scaling, nothing beats a price comparative overview. One that can show you what email marketing means in terms of costs for other businesses in the market. That is why we’ve addressed the price and benefits of the 7 most popular options of professional email marketing software in Romanian e-commerce:

Since every single platform has tons of particularities and benefits, it’s maybe something you’d want to explore yourself. We’ll keep it short and sweet by listing what we believe are key features for successful e-commerce:

Sendinblue. Best overall

SendinBlue is a complete SMS and email marketing software for businesses, one of the fastest-growing email marketing platforms in Europe. It is a mature platform, with each feature interlinked to help deliver a comprehensive email marketing strategy from start to finish. 

Among our favorite features is adding a live chat to your website and grabbing new email addresses from people browsing your store or learning about your company.

For the absolute geeks out there, Sendinblue not only measures core email KPIs like open rates and click rates. It also unravels detailed heat maps of where people clicked in an email when they engaged with the campaign and from what geography. This allows any marketer to fine-tune campaigns for optimal results.

It should be mentioned that, aside from emailing, the service offers SMS marketing features, and as far as we know they are currently working on some push notifications. 

Mailchimp. Best in terms of popularity

Mailchimp offers a forever free email marketing service plan and it’s no wonder the degree of popularity it gained both around the globe and in Romania also. Today, however, this doesn’t anymore seem to be the go-to solution of the masses. Specialists say there are now better solutions out there. 

Mailchimp comes with an easy drag-and-drop email builder, autoresponders, segmenting contacts into groups, and simple tracking for analytics. It also allows you to set up delivery times based on the user’s time zones, and you can set up segmenting based on geolocation.

You can easily integrate it with most platforms, such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and many others. However, when it comes to marketing automation features, it is quite in the shadows of more capacitated providers such as our next on the list – HubSpot. 

Hubspot. Best for automated email marketing

Hubspot is an all-in-one email marketing solution. Where the software really shines is in the automated workflows. It allows you to easily set triggers for email subscribers and nurture the leads into customers (or whatever else you need them to do). It also facilitates you to easily create, optimize and personalize emails without extra intervention from IT or design. 

To paint the whole picture, Hubspot’s email marketing features are spread between their Marketing Hub and Sales Hub (CRM). Choosing to perform email marketing with Hubspot, although performant on its own, only becomes stronger when coupled with those products. In our experience, sales-oriented businesses such as SaaS seem to be Hubspot’s most devoted clients. 

Klaviyo. Best for personalized experiences

Klaviyo is mostly used by online shops as it encapsulates advanced features for properly implemented campaigns. Not to spoil it, but some e-commerce power users prefer Klaviyo for Shopify email marketing. However, their smart platform is rather expensive for small businesses.

It has an easy-to-use editor and responsive templates that grant personalization with product recommendations and dynamic blocks. SMS and advanced email functionality come in handy for increasing revenue. Similar to Sendinblue, Klaviyo tracks website interactions, and events that can be used for emails, automation, and segmentation. and ultimately creating individual profiles and a CRM to help better understand buyers’ needs. 

This tool doesn’t leave you guessing about your campaign’s performance. It showcases advanced reporting capabilities, metrics dashboards, and customizable benchmarks. 

Campaign Monitor. Best for templates

Something we appreciated about Campaign Monitor when we first tested it was the fact that we were able to try out the platform free for an unlimited time. However, we were only able to send campaigns to up to five contacts. 

Needless to say, this email marketing service is excellent for beginners learning to build an engaged audience. It lures you with multiple choices of responsive email templates that can be customized using a drag-and-drop builder. And then it builds further with personalization capacity, time optimization for delivery for every single contact, and complex subscriber segmentation. 

The same platform makes it easy to create and send personalized branded transactional emails while being totally eligible for email automation. 

Omnisend. Best email and SMS marketing combo

Omnisend is a SMS & email marketing service for e-commerce businesses who are looking for an omnichannel marketing automation solution. What a lot of users appreciate about Omnisend is that they offer SMS built-in, so you don’t have to pay for separate software. 

We love its powerful features like pre-built automation workflows, subscriber segmentation, A/B testing, performance reports, and SMS + web push notifications. All their templates are built-in and fully customizable so customers can benefit from the personalized experience they’re expecting – all through a single platform.

A nice differentiator is Omnisend’s pre-built e-commerce marketing automation workflows. They provide templates for emails like welcome email series, cart abandonment emails, cross-sell emails, and more.

Conectoo. Best local does it all tool

Conectoo is one of the leading providers of email-marketing solutions in Romania. It’s that point in our documentation when dropping names becomes self-explanatory for the comfort of having a local email solution provider that speaks the same language. 

Some of Conectoo’s clients are eMag, MedLife, Evomag, Ideea Bank, Danone, BRD, and many others. Affordable and at a call’s distance 24/7, Conectoo seems to deliver just the best mix of features for businesses of any size to want to try it. 

Our favorite features? Based on the campaign’s performance, you can quickly adjust your strategy and add email or SMS to the mix. All in one place. Also, you don’t have to waste time with design as they have integrated an intuitive editor that makes it easy to write for conversion. 

Lastly, every business owner wants some safety guarantees. Well, Conectoo makes sure to mention their Email & SMS Marketing Certificates, so anybody can feel supported in GDPR compliance efforts. 


Conclusion: E-Commerce Email Marketing

Like anything digital marketing related, email marketing is only difficult until you get started. There’s a plethora of tools and strategies to fit any type of business and any type of skill, be it in the beginner or savvy department. 

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