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how to prepare for black friday


The story of Black Friday begins in the city of Philadelphia, in the US state of Pennsylvania. Here, 60 years ago, traffic cops first used the term to describe the infernal traffic on the Friday that followed the traditional Thanksgiving holiday. The reason remains valid to this day: on Thanksgiving Day, families get together, and the next day traffic is very congested because everyone wants to get back home.

The debut of Black Friday in Romania can be traced back to around 2011 when several major retail companies began importing this concept from the United States, where this commercial event was already well-established. Initially, many Romanians were skeptical about this shopping “tradition,” but over time, Black Friday has gained more and more followers and traction. In fact, Black Friday has become so popular in Romania that many people postpone significant purchases for November, eagerly awaiting this day when they can buy their desired products at lower prices.

The magnitude of the event for customers is quite impressive. These offers attract a large number of eager shoppers looking to take advantage of special prices. Furthermore, this event has contributed to the growth of online commerce, with many people preferring to purchase products from retailers’ websites to avoid the crowds in physical stores. For businesses, it offers an opportunity to attract new customers, retain existing ones, and, most importantly, boost sales.

But, in order to name this frenetic shopping event a successful day, week, or, for others, month, thorough preparation is the key—for both customers and businesses.

To make sure that you don’t miss any opportunities on the big day, we have put together a series of practical tips to help you prepare properly, in addition to the offers, discounts, and surprises of Black Friday that you will find.


     1. Create Online Accounts in Advance 🌐

If you are a customer → If you plan to shop online, create accounts on the websites of your preferred retailers ahead of time and add all the necessary information (name, invoice and delivery address, phone number, etc)

Keep in mind that there are thousands of people who may want the exact same things as you, right at the same moment. Therefore, it’s important to have everything prepared in advance to reduce the time required for placing and processing your order.

How does this translate for businesses? 

Businesses should have their online stores set up, updated, and tested well in advance, ensuring a smooth customer experience. They must also offer easy address-saving features, reducing friction during the checkout process.

     2. Save Payment Information 💳 

Let’s say that the campaign has started and you have everything prepared, but you realize that by the time you complete your card details on the platform, the product is out of stock. You can avoid this unpleasant situation by entering your card information into your account before the campaign begins. This way,  you may place orders fast and securely, saving you time and the disappointment of having someone else buy the things you 

Check the payment methods provided by the website and choose in advance which option is best for you. This way, you not only save time but also plan your expenses ahead of time. But don’t forget: always use secure, well-known payment methods.

As a business, you must make sure that all your payment methods are clearly presented on your website, that they are working properly, and that everything is safe and secure. The last thing you want is to have payment problems on the day of the campaign and lose the trust your customers have in you.

     3. Install the store’s app 📲

If Black Friday has started and, for some reason, you don’t have access to a computer but your favorite website or store has an application, make sure it is updated to the latest available version, and ensure that all your information, including your delivery address and payment method, is updated and stored in your customer account.

This means that, as a business, you need to make sure that your app is working properly, all content is updated, and all bugs are fixed. Because the last thing you want is to update the application with the same content as the website on the big day and lose customers.

     4. Subscribe to newsletters 📧

Begin subscribing to newsletters well in advance of Black Friday. Retailers often start promoting their Black Friday deals weeks before the event. By subscribing early, you’ll have a head start on learning about the discounts and promotions. Some retailers offer exclusive deals and early access to subscribers. To take full advantage of these opportunities, make sure to enable email notifications on your chosen email client or app.

Of course, in order for this to happen, you, as a business, must make sure that your newsletter subscription is working, that it is GDPR-compliant, and that you know your audience. So, prepare in advance, fix your bugs, and make sure your e-mail marketing strategy is spot on.

     5. Make a list ✅

We don’t know if you’re the “list” or a “go with the flow” type of person😅 but one thing we know for sure is that on Black Friday, you need a list. Everything happens so fast that the last thing you want is to see how the “out of stock” badge appears on every product that you want to buy. 

Our advice is to plan ahead, make a list of the products you need and want to buy, and save them in your favorite list in your account. By doing this, you won’t forget what you’ve been eyeing when the deals start rolling in, and, of course, you are one step closer to completing the order.

From a business perspective, wishlists provide an opportunity to engage customers, gather valuable data, and create more effective marketing strategies for the shopping event. They are more than a way to help customers prepare for Black Friday. Don’t forget that you can use this to send them personalized recommendations and updates about the items on their wishlist. Also, you can stock up on popular items and plan promotions that align with customer interests.

In conclusion, careful planning is necessary as customers get ready for Black Friday and businesses do the same. Clearly, Black Friday has evolved into more than just a shopping day; it’s an annual occasion that represents the expansion of e-commerce as well as the thrill of finding amazing discounts. Businesses and consumers alike can greatly benefit from this exciting and much-awaited event with the correct planning. Thus, as Black Friday draws near, keep in mind that, for both customers and merchants, success is found in the small things and in being ahead of the curve.

Enjoy your shopping! And be cautious with your money; Xmas is around the corner! 🙂

Be smarter now! 😊🚀

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