Alina | Founder
The journey into the digital world began more than 15 years ago. Although I have a background in law, I made the switch to consulting and then to the digital. I coordinated the launch of over 15 online platforms, from e-commerce to video, publishing, on desktop, on TV, tablets, or mobile. I have worked side by side with wonderful teams and I am happy to call many of them friends.  See more

I like to think that I can convince people that anything is possible, even when they say it is impossible. And I like to do what they think is impossible. 🙂

I can “despair” people when they say “I have an idea”. Especially Ramona, who knows that we have to turn the idea into a plan.

If I were to be a Microsoft program, I’d rather be a PowerPoint, even if I am using all daay long Outlook.

I like coffee, for sure black, without any sugar. In fact, coffees. I start counting them from 5 a day. The same I feel for ice cream. I read, I am passionate about DIY projects, about architecture and traveling, that’s why my nickname is haihuiprinlume.

And I walk. A lot. To anywhere.

Ramona | Partner

I have been working in the online environment for more than 13 years. I went through research, telecom, and launched content sites, including video and e-commerce. I dealt with front and backend developments, but also with operational tasks.

I am paying a lot of attention to details and I am very rigorous. If I were to be a Microsoft program, I would clearly be Excel. 🙂  See more

I excel, especially in project planning. I can make people jump with status on tasks, calls, insistence, and whatever else it takes to complete a project.

“She is working 24 hours a day, this is the main reason we argue, among many others. 🙂 Once I hid her laptop in the fridge at the office just to force her to take a break “, says Alina.

I like deep cleaning, including in emails. Asana is my good friend, but when I travel to Vietnam I prefer to go through London. (sic!)

Roxana | The Marketeer

More than 13 years in communication and I can’t imagine doing something else. They say I talk a lot, I say I always have something good to say. A bit workaholic, a bit stubborn, creative a lot and definitely a maniac when it comes to content marketing. I have started my journey as a journalist and after testing different start-ups and corporate businesses, I’ve concluded that a mix between the corporate and consultant worlds is a fit for me.  See more

I survive on good coffee (rarely without a splash of milk) and gallons of water, if you want to impress me you can always do this with a glass of extra dry white wine. And some plane tickets to Asia would be nice as well.

In Digital Kitchen, I am the main support for the communication, marketing related tasks.

If I’d be a Microsoft program, I would probably be Outlook. I am freaking out if I don’t know exactly what’s happening in my inbox and I cannot leave unread emails without a clear plan around them. I often send emails to myself with different reminders and my best solutions and ideas are coming when I’m taking a shower or I’m sleeping, thus having my dear iPhone around me all the time to note down everything.

Irina | The BR, RACI, RAID Guru

During my working hours, I like to pretend I am a good project manager. If you were to read among the lines of my CV, lines that talk too little about the delights of the corporate life, you would find out that.

I have 8 years worth of experience managing projects in a variety of environments, significantly – as I like to say it – contributing to the development and launch of some cool products (references can be provided upon request, of course).  See more

I am well acquainted with a wide range of project management methodologies and practices, each of them being in a vicious relationship of irrelevance with the success rate of the projects I coordinated.

On a more serious note, I take a lot of energy from productive interactions, brainstorming sessions that turn into ambitious projects and collaborations where transparency is not just an obsessively repeated cliché..

In Digital Kitchen, I am coordinating end to end Projects or pieces of projects and you can always ask me about PM, RAID, RACI, BR because I know everything to say but also to work on 😉

If I were to be a Microsoft program I would probably be PowerPoint. Everybody wants to get rid of you, but they end up on the ppt side 🙂

Alexandra | The Problem Solver

In more than 6 years working in IT distribution and almost 8 in ecommerce, I can say that I have never missed a deadline. I like to keep a clean workspace and to create a logical way to accomplish a task, so I am always able to find a solution when it’s needed.  See more

I have a lot of patience with my projects and with people, I’m a good listener and I think that a good story is always a good start.

Even if we are working in a digital environment, I still note my ideas and to do lists on paper, I love notebooks and pens and I have an impressive collection 🙂

I love the smell of coffee in the morning, good music (metal mostly), concerts & books and definitely I am an outdoor person.

If I were to be a Microsoft program, I would probably be Excel with Word frontend because, behind every plan I have, there are a lot of minutiously arranged squares.

In Digital Kitchen I am the one researching, puting bits and pieces together and when needed taking over projects coordination, mainly related to product development or websites creation.

Cristi | The Digital Nomad

For more than 10 year I have developed products for the banking industry. In the last few years I have shifted my energy into scaling a SEE tech startup.

I am a good listener, a passionate gardener, a dedicated friend and a nomadic spirit.  See more

I have worked with “the Founders ” for many years now and I figured out that my role is to keep the gender balanced in Digital Kitchen.

In Digital Kitchen, when needed with research, testing end to end flows, project management and other digital related tasks.

If I were a Microsoft program I would be Teams.

Diana | The Product Marketing Girl

I jumped head first into my digital journey in 2006, when I applied for a job at an online women magazine that I was reading on a daily basis. I was starting my day at 6 AM sending newsletters (at that time spam was none of my concerns), writing horoscopes and counting missing pixels on banners. Since then I went from content creation, to marketing, to digital account management spiced up with roadshows and gamification, to a 7 years love affair with telco.  See more

For 3 years already, I switched from corporate to project based collabs and extended my portfolio with handling the digital communication and web & mobile assets development for cultural events and conferences, food delivery and fashion ecommerce.

I’m pretty good at writing specs and business requirements, mixed with a tone of patience and resilience when it comes to explaining the business and UX reasons behind every requirement.

I love being the master of my working hours and early mornings.

If I were to be a Microsoft program I would probably be PowerPoint, adding a bit of fun per slide.

Luisa | The Communicator

I have always been attracted by the communication area, even if the graduated faculty had a science profile. I’ve always liked to organize words and actions, and switching into the marcom domain came somehow, naturally. I love organizing things, events, people and mostly solving situations that look impossible. I am focused on getting a conclusion out of everything and making a plan to improve things.  See more

People around me say I am constructively critical as I am expecting the highest output, as well as I always deliver it.

I travel as much as possible and long walks in the park, by the lake with my family relaxes me a lot, and if these are continued with a movie night, everything seems to be just… perfect.”

Cristina | The Creative One

My adventure in the “Marketing World” began in 2009, and I knew immediately that, one way or another, I will do this for a long time.

I am the one who will never say “no” to learning new things. That is why, from 2009 until today I went through event planning, content creation, graphic design, Social Media management, lots of newsletters, and campaign management – all this combined with PPC, SEO, GA, affiliate programs, and retargeting.  See more

I believe in the saying “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.” and I hope everybody finds that thing they can do with passion, not only out of obligation and necessity.

I know that I am a perfectionist, and sometimes that can be annoying for the people around me, but I also know that my perfection is not necessarily their perfection. Therefore, feedback is always welcome.

And yes, if I were to be a Microsoft program, I would be PowerPoint. There you can have an interesting story (Word) together with graphs and nicely designed tables (Excel) all wrapped beautifully and organized on this simple thing called “Slide”.

What do I do when I am not at Digital Kitchen? You will probably find me reading, painting, dotting, or searching for an old house or a beautiful landscape. But most of the time, you will find me with a camera in my hands.

Ioana | Right-Hand Magician

My journey has just started in the Kitchen. And anything the team needs, i’m the girl for it! I’m the one that helps with anything she can, so the work flow goes uninterrupted for the brainiacs. :)) A problem solver as I am, I try to combine patience with perfectionism and it’s usually a recipe for success. See more

My day begins with working with children (hence the patience) while waiting on tasks from the Kitchen and so if I were to be a Microsoft program, I’d be Power Point, sliding and coloring everything around me.
I love details and i go head first into any challenge. And the next challenge for me is to figure out why there’s no “food” in the Digital Kitchen :)))

IrinaV| Our Translation Expert

I am Irina, I was born in Romania but have been living in Spain for more than 15 years. And yes, conversations nearly always begin with the question “Did you learn Spanish by watching telenovelas or…?”😊 And it’s partially true.😊 But, on a more serious note, I did my master’s degree in Spain after studying Foreign Languages in Bucharest, and I currently speak five different languages. See more

Initially, I joined the Digital Kitchen team to offer support for several translation projects, but currently, I am helping with other marketing & research tasks and I am looking forward to the day they will open the office here on the Mediterranean side of Europe.

More about me here: LinkedIn and of course, I like the sea, sun, and fun! And of course the foreign languages.

Scai | Chief Entertainment Officer

I am Scai from Scaiete. In Romanian, this means that I like to be close to people.

I was appointed by the team as Chief Entertainment Officer but I have no merits for this. I don’t know how this happened as what I enjoy most is to eat, sleep, repeat. Sometimes I jump on people and destroy their clean clothes.  See more

Maybe they think this is funny, although I see them working, and working and working, and calls, and meetings and all this weirdo stuff. No breaks man, this is not life.

But I will survive. And they will survive too. I will take care of this. #ScaiTheCeo #theEntertainer


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